Quick Update

A few months ago I wrote a post about whether or not I should choose to move back home or stay in Texas. It comes down to understanding that no geographical location is considered home. My purpose on earth is not to arrive at a particular geographical location or obtain a certain career status. It is to do the will of God and that is where my heart wants to be, although I often want God to get on board with my will. It just doesn’t end up in my favor to think that I have control over my destiny. And that is something to be thankful to God for. He is sovereign and leads us where we often would never see ourselves.

With this said, some of you may know that the house I live at in Denton went up for sale on April 17th. We got two offers within a little over 24 hours of the house going up on the market, and one of those offers was accepted. The closing date was today and the house is slowly becoming empty so it’s starting to feel official. I’ve started packing in the midst of my last couple weeks of school until I graduate and it’s all happening too fast.

I am grateful for options and for people willing to open up their homes for me to stay after graduation (since I will have to be out by May 21st). I have people around here that are willing to do that, or my parents who are willing to open up their home for a few months while I figure out what I want to pursue. I am doing the latter. Yes, I have finally made a decision to move to Ohio (at least just temporarily). I am not sure if this is a permanent move (to Ohio), but it is a next step and one I feel at peace about, although it will be extremely hard and I tend to not handle transition too well. I never saw myself staying in Denton long term, but I also never saw myself moving back to Ohio, let alone with my parents for a few months after graduation. But I am grateful that I have the chance to slow down a little after graduation in a few weeks and just trust that God is going to provide. And I am grateful that God knows what he is doing, even if I don’t. If he has been faithful for almost 22 years of my life, he will be faithful now. I often struggle to trust him with my future, but he is outside of time and already has it. I get to rest in that.

It almost doesn’t feel real yet that I am going to be packing up my things and heading North in a few short weeks. I’ve spent 4 years in a wonderful, unique, hipster town, known as Denton, Texas. Denton will always be dear to my heart for several reasons and I want to share just a few for now:

  • I came to understand the gospel in a way that I had not understood before (this is the biggest one–not that Denton can take credit for it, but I will make associations with Denton since it is where I lived when I came to find true joy in Christ here).
  • I learned how to live “independently” in a house on my own (first with my brother, then with roommates).
  • I learned the in’s and out’s of “succeeding” in a college classroom.
  • I learned by God’s grace to stand firm on His word when nearly every college classroom tells you otherwise.
  • I learned that Beth Marie’s Ice Cream is better than Blue Bell (sorry fellow Texans) and that it was the best part-time job I’ve had.
  • I developed friendships and relationships that I would never trade or take back.
  • I was fortunate to be apart of a gospel-centered local church.
  • I learned that worshiping through song and a guitar with friends in a living room may be one of my favorite things I’ve experienced.

And here are some other things I learned…

  • You can’t say “pop” and must refer to all soda as “cokes”.
  • You don’t “chuck” something, you “chunk” something.
  • If you want salsa, you can refer to it interchangeably as salsa or hot sauce. Or maybe one is different than the other, but I still don’t know because I hear both.
  • If it rains or barely “snows” you just shouldn’t drive because people freak out.
  • It doesn’t actually snow in Texas, it ices.
  • 5 hour drives down to San Antonio are nothing, considering it can take double-digit hours to get from one side of the state to the other.
  • Tornadoes are a real thing.
  • People don’t ride to school on horses.
  • I’ve never ate more fried food or Mexican in my life (if you’re from the North, you haven’t tried good Mexican food until you’ve been here).
  • There’s probably more that I am forgetting, but this is all I can think of.

Until next time friends,



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